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Originally Posted by billyf21 View Post
Can someone please explain this to me? How is a flight from NYC - Barbados on Delta $1995 for five adults roundtrip & nonstop. But, on JetBlue the price is $3484. Doesn't make any sense to me...
Supply and demand my friend! I'm not a jet Blue "true blue", I'm a mercenary, looking for the best fares, and frankly JB has become so popular that if you are flying at peak times (summer is a peak time for family of 5 vacations!) JB is no deal...for the routes I've searched it is usually the MOST expensive option.

If you can jump on the fares the day they open and get the lowest ones, you can get a good deal. Travel Tuesday to Thursdays, good deals are available.

For 5 people - you may have so many people that you've exceeded the available seats at the cheapest fare. Try booking one or two at a time on separate reservation numbers. You might get the first few cheaper, and only pay higher rates on pax 3-5. With adults you can even fly different flights if it's manageable. Be cautious doing this with children (always book an adult and child together on the same res #) or they could change your kid's flight or seat but not the adult's, and "strand" your kid.

Guess you'll be flying Delta ;-)
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