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yes, this is true..there is a Target RedCard that come in 2 forms - credit or debit ...
see here -->

also there is the AFT(Amex for Target which has fees)
see here -->

BUT we are talking about the RedCard PrePaid Amex Card = no fees!!!
see here -->

i have used these cards extensively..and hands down..the RedCard PrePaid Amex Card BLOWS ALL OTHERS OUT OF THE WATER.....most LUCRATIVE way to MS i've ever had the pleasure of doing aside from the notoriously good MINT fiasco of years gone by (props to all you who got in on that sweet goodness!!!) LOL

btw..if you are having trouble locating one or more of these aforementioned gems..please refer to # 344

Originally Posted by Brugge View Post
My state doesn't have the AMEX Redcard yet. So when checking out at Target yesterday I was surprised when the woman ahead of me paid with a "Redcard". It looked just like the pictures I've seen of the AMEX Redcard. The cashier said to her "thank you for using Redcard". Then I saw a display against the wall with Redcard applications.

But that "Redcard" is just a Target only debit card that takes the funds for a purchase directly from your checking account, the same way a bank issued debit card would, but presumably without a debit fee. It does also give you the 5% discount on Target purchases.

So there are two totally different kinds of cards, that look identical, and are both called Redcards?

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