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Originally Posted by canyonleo View Post
That is just a crazy statement.
You know what is really crazy... so much people falling for all that PR BS about the organic and local grown food. Of course they prefer local grown, importing it is way more expensive. And raving about the fruit, you're on Hawaii where it would be somewhat of a miracle to present bad fruit. Breakfast should always be decent at an Andaz, we are not talking HP or HR club quality here. So comparing this with the other Andaz locations this seems about the lowest offering of a free breakfast you get among them. Even if what you do get is good. Or do you know of another Andaz that limits breakfast in this way?

The simple fact is that for those that have earned Diamond status the hard way a downgrade in breakfast is a bad thing. And being nickle and dimed for another $17 at an expensive property to get a full breakfast isn't the way to go at an already expensive property.

But as others have stated before. Now the PR has died down with bloggers favoritism in finding another property to push as a credit card application, and the property has shown what it really is, an expensive property (as most are in Hawaii) that has little or no local charm and where service is very hit and miss. Everyone can decide for themselves where to go.

I can understand they are being overrun with Diamonds, like the rest of the Hawaiian properties, but that still makes all the new nickle and diming a very bad thing in my book. Especially when you also have the change of getting a mediocre room and mediocre service.

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