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Originally Posted by taipeiflyer View Post
it has nothing to do with me being a fanboy- it has everything to do with me not thinking of free breakfast as the be-all, end-all of what hyatt diamond is about. pay the extra $17 and quit griping. i think it is ridiculous that there are so many cheapskates on this forum that use breakfast as an opportunity to get a jump-start on lunch and dinner... no wonder the perks continue to be eroded.
Agree. Cheapskates or frugal...I know what you mean. I think people get a little carried away at getting everything for free, or near-free, as possible they lose sight of the bigger picture.

I flew on NWA before Delta bought them and they had a saying about "Silver" members. The flight attendants called them "Tinfoil" because they demanded the most and were the least deserving of special treatment...compared to the other members with higher status.

Maybe that is what is happening hear, first time Diamond Hyatt folks are really Tinfoil and expect way more than they deserve.
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