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3. Food and Drinks

One thing I hate about Taiwanese carriers (China and EVA) is that they only serve you half of already tiny cups of soda. They are super stingy when it comes to serving drinks, but will refill for you if you ask them again.

I tried their Bloody Mary and it tasted absolutely awful. I believe they used Tomato juice instead of a proper Bloody Mary mix. Also, the red wine served was very sweet, almost like juice. My wife told me the special EVA AIR drink tasted like cough drop. In sum, I think the drinks onboard mainly cater to Taiwanese taste buds as they prefer sweeter wines as well smaller portion drinks. (e.g. The largest size soda in McDonald in Taiwan is a medium size in America.)

The food was ok. I thought the congee was tasty, but the Seafood pasta was pretty bland. Some of the Taiwanese appetizers might be a bit weird of Westerners.
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