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Originally Posted by jtalstad View Post
I wonder if this change, occurring just after our recent stay, was prompted by food costs. I doubt we consumed enough to skew the bottom line for the accounting group but during our wonderful stay we witnessed one particular family who may have.

A group of two men, two women and a young girl helped themselves one morning to the ENTIRE BOWL of raspberries, taking it back to their table. I asked Jenny if there were more and she sadly informed me, no, there were no more.

The next morning I told my wife I wanted to get down earlier to get a few raspberries. We saw the same group, I kid not, walking about ten pounds of bacon back to their table.
If the family in question ate all of the food that they took, then I have zero problem with this. It is not the responsibility of the guests to be mindful of leaving food for others at a luxury hotel; it is the hotel's responsibility to assure proper supply.

Of course, if they just commandeered it all to have it for themselves and left two thirds of it to waste, that would be beyond the pale.
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