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Onwards and upwards

Many thanks for your comments and thoughtts, golfmad, Jagboi, paulwukAeroWesty, Stez, bobbob1976, browserden, layz and dylanks (and greetings from PHX Sky Harbor lounge B, apparently it's 37 celsius outside so I'm staying inside!).

  • Most enjoyable flight: LCY to GRX - comfortable, great service, I enjoyed it.
  • Least enjoyable flight: GRX to MAD - kind of obvious I think.
  • Best meal - mmm, tricky, I did like that LCY breakfast, but US' EDI to PHL has to claim this one on balance.
  • Best airport experience: PHL
  • Worst airport experience: LCY
  • Worst experience overall: Spanish taxi drivers, but that's stating the obvious.
  • Best lounge: the beloved CCR
  • Number of personal greetings (excluding CCR): One! By a T5 gate agent too.
  • Number of kisses from Ann: Six
  • Best tourist experience: Alhambra - Granada.
  • Most unexpected experience: toss up between PHL's arrival procedure and 6.0 earthquake. Probably the earthquake.
  • Best hotel: Canary Wharf Hilton.

Recent things that have made travel more enjoyable:
Apps that do all kinds of thing.
Kindles (so I can read The Times at breakfast in San Francisco)
Inflight Wifi
and the whole internet integration piece, so listening to the Today Programme while airborne over Utah is no big deal.

Recent things that have made travel less enjoyable:
Slight increases in security processes maybe? I don't really get bothered by this, but it would be nice if TAS pre-check was introduced to the UK.
Congestion in the skies, leading to delays in landing and take off.

Right, onwards and upwards.
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