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Ha ha! I had a DYKWIA encounter at SEA last week. It was an 11:45 PM red-eye to ATL that was not only oversold but UA, for some reason, had re-booked some people onto the Delta flight. The GA asked for volunteers and I made my way to the desk to throw my name in. As the GA and I discussed flight and compensation details a man actually pushed me out of the way and said "I have a VERY important meeting tomorrow and I HAVE to make this flight. I have a LOT of Delta miles so you CAN'T bump me". As I stared at the man in astonishment the GA calmly told Mr. IamSoImportant to take his place in line and she'd get to him when it was his turn. The guy lost it. He actually said his business was far more important than my obvious leisure travel and HE HAD TO GET ON THE PLANE. At this point I was more amused than appalled so I told her to help the guy (because I wanted to watch the show and I'm obviously not important). It turned out he was a Skymiles member but he wasn't a medallion and I think my paltry 48,000 miles out-ranked him. LOL As it turned out volunteers weren't needed anyway. So dude was able to get to ATL for his VERY important meeting but I had 2 free drink tickets (thanks nice GA!) while Mr. Important paid for his beers as we both relaxed in the El Cheapo seats.

I was kinda sad they didn't need volunteers, I had negotiated a sweet deal!

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