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Originally Posted by psyflyer View Post
Any datapoints on heavy (over $25k/month) MO deposits at WF? Trying to gauge the AA limit with these folks as it seems like they are reasonably chill about it... ?
I got shut down at much lower volume. Of course, they didn't actually tell me why except saying it was a business decision, so it could be completely unrelated. I was doing 2-4k/mo in my checking and occasionally (1k/ every couple of months) using savings. My accounts were opened Dec 2013, closed July 2014.

Worth noting that the letter telling me I'd been shutdown arrived about 10 days after I lost access to my money, but not to online banking, and 10 days before the accounts actually were closed and they mailed the check. So that's 3 weeks without access to my money, and for the first half of that period I didn't know I'd been cutoff, so had I done any ACH pulls in that time I would have been declined.
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