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Originally Posted by freakinflyer001 View Post
What if we look at capacity? Again if bilateral permits, could they not send replace one of the SYD 333 flights with a 77G? The 77G has far less premium seats than the 77H but has almost 100 more seats than the 33G. With CX opening 2 new European routes in the near future, it would make sense for them to want to pick up more passengers from oz and feed onto those new flights.
i think IF 77W was to appear on SYD, it would be 77G like you bring up here.

still, the 77G frames are few and far between right now (I think ~11?)...aka there are no free planes. EWR, YYZ, the select LHR and soon ORD and SFO second flights, European destinations, etc. I don't know the rotation but it just doesn't seem like there are any spare frames and OZ is already well served, and yields aren't that high to begin with.

I guess if talking about 77G the question is changed a bit from "is OZ a large premium market" (compared to 77H destinations in North America, no), to "does OZ have enough Y capacity" (I'm not sure). If the latter no doubt 77G is a decent fit but I wonder what the opportunity cost is given those planes are needed on North America/Europe routes.
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