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From my humble experience it goes something like this. There are a set of op-up guidelines. They are published somewhere deep in the bowels of the EK ops manual and at the disposal of each and every front line EK staff member.

When the flight goes to airport control, that set of guidelines is followed in the same way my own kids follow my demands to "go to bed". They grunt in acknowledgement but simply do their own thing.

Most airlines I have flown have a stricter, more transparent even set of op-up rules.

EK on the other hand is like playing the lottery. Nothing to do with how you are dressed, whether or not you check in online, what time you get to the airport, or anything else.

I know some wont want to hear this, but I once was travelling with my sister and 2 kids. I was in revenue F. They were in Y. I used miles to upgrade one, and the other 2 were op-upped (zero status). It was all done from the lounge. The lounge agent obviously was friendly with the person controlling the flight and said, right I'll have those seats.

Never been op-upped ex DXB. Plenty of times ex MEL, plenty ex SIN, ex AMS, ex JFK etc.

The whole point is that while there is a system, it isnt followed much. Flight controllers are simply wanting to manage the oversold situation and get on with managing the next flight and avoid getting yelled at. They dont give a rats toss about the status of the passenger, how much revenue they contribute etc. They have to go to another screen anyway to delve deeper. If on the other hand they see a couple together - or you are in the right place at the right time, then voila, you're getting the beep. They might be waiting until the last minute, they might process the flight early, they might get a call from the friendly lounge agent, who knows?

All my op-ups ex SIN (when I was living there) never happened at check in or the gate. They were always done well beforehand. Funny that
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