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Originally Posted by didoob View Post
...But I have now been on a few flights with full J class cabins, clearly lots of upgrades, and I have seen passengers boarding in front of me get the magical beep for a first class upgrade. I am the first to say that if first class is important enough, then buy a first class ticket (and I often do) but has anyone else had the feeling that emirates is favoring lower-level status passengers on the op-ups. Maybe Emirates thinks we Platinums have proved our loyalty and need less special treatment. In my case they are probably right, I am not abandoning emirates for as long as I am based where I am. But sometimes I see silvers and golds get the op-ups from business to first at the gate, and can't help wondering why not the Platinum who generated a lot more revenue than these pax....
Any other plats out there feel this way?
I was under the same impression when I was Gold a couple of years back, when op-ups from BOM and JFK (DXB was never an issue) were non-existent and it was the alpha op-up procedure to blame for that. I wrote to EK a couple of times pointing out that this system wasn't fair and it seems they no longer use it. All this changed after I hit Plat, and op-ups from BOM started coming through almost on every flight.

Coming to your situation, if you genuinely feel that they are upgrading Golds and silvers ahead of Plat, then you should investigate this a bit more and write to them. A couple of things that you might want to check and confirm:

1. The Gold/ Silver pax in front of you getting the upgrade actually got a J-F upgrade, and not a Y-J, upgrade. Remember there are quite a few plats that travel Y and use the FCL or F/J queues. And actually confirm that they are indeed Golds and not Plats as quite a few plats who haven't changed their tags on their luggage to Plat from Gold. The only sure shot way to confirm this is to take a peek at their BP as which has their exact status.

2. The pax actually didn't put in a request to use miles for an upgrade.

3. If you are sure they upgraded Golds/ Silvers to F at the gate, try and confirm that in the flight by either taking a look at the manifest (it should say "Involuntary Upgrade") next to the names of the pax, or just inquiring from the Purser when he comes to greet you as to how full the plane is and and if some pax were upgraded to F. If you share your situation, with either the purser or SFS, I've found that they are willing to tell you if Golds/ Plats were upgraded ahead of you.

Then just write to EK pointing out the specific flight and how these experiences completely degrade the Platinum experience and you are wondering why you gave so much business to EK to hit Plat.
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