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Emirates Platinum

Apologies if this seems a bit old hat and has been covered before. I hit Platinum last November, I love the first class lounge in Dubai, I often use the extra baggage allowance (including the 4 kg above gold, it often makes a difference to me), and the first class check in at all stations is just great and much appreciated. I almost always travel first or business (have done three short haul flights in Y when business class sold out, and these were fine) so my Emirates experience is usually great and to a standard that leaves little room for complaint.

The one thing I have noticed is that I have not received one op-up since hitting Platinum. As a gold I got quite a few. My travel destinations have not really changed, sometimes planes are not full, and fair enough, no upgrades if no operational reason, I get that (and fully support the approach to maintain integrity of the product). But I have now been on a few flights with full J class cabins, clearly lots of upgrades, and I have seen passengers boarding in front of me get the magical beep for a first class upgrade. I am the first to say that if first class is important enough, then buy a first class ticket (and I often do) but has anyone else had the feeling that emirates is favoring lower-level status passengers on the op-ups. Maybe Emirates thinks we Platinums have proved our loyalty and need less special treatment. In my case they are probably right, I am not abandoning emirates for as long as I am based where I am. But sometimes I see silvers and golds get the op-ups from business to first at the gate, and can't help wondering why not the Platinum who generated a lot more revenue than these pax....
Any other plats out there feel this way?
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