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Originally Posted by albaonthego View Post
I hope you are made as welcome in Scotland as I always am in New Zealand and that the Games are good to you. (Wee assumption about the purpose of your trip!)
Thanks! Correct Assumption. I am looking forward to the Whisky selection I hope to find!

Originally Posted by eternaltransit View Post
If you take rows 46-50 on the 777-300 you'll avoid the brush past problem as the configuration is 2-4-2. I suppose I am usually an aisle person and perhaps I have been lucky in that I haven't had a problem in a long time with people getting up and disturbing/waking me up to get out of the row. YMMV.
Thanks eternaltranist et al, These are some good tips. I'll go revise my seating selections and find some eyeshades. Never thought I could stoop to a funny neck pillow but sounds like its time I give it a go!

I Appreciate your comments
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