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Just spent a few days at the HR Montreal, and it wasn't nearly as bad as some of the earlier reviews would suggest :-)

In fact it was a perfectly fine stay for the rate paid. Room was a bit on the smaller side, and dark. But mine had a nice view on the Place des Arts and was good enough for a city stay. Bathroom was a bit cramped though and wasn't very good (motel quality with a small bath as a shower), but everything worked.

As said, hotel entrance is a bit weird with multiple elevators. But having access to the shopping mall was nice, even though it's dead after 18:00. Location is also quite nice with an easy walk to a lot of the sights and easy access to the bus/metro system.

The money seems to have been spent on the public areas. Quite nice, and in a different class than the rooms. Gym was a bit small but most of the basic stuff is there, pool area is a lot bigger.

As a Diamond I had access to the lounge but didn't use that. What I saw of it didn't impress me much, but it's hard to really judge since I didn't actually go there in the evening. With such good food available in town I didn't really feel the need. Breakfast was in the restaurant, only just decent in my opinion. Low quality food and drinks and I was completely bored with the selection after 3 days. The option to have some eggs prepared is nice though.

Minor complaint was that there was no mention of the festival that was about to start, and for which days were needed to setup all the stages. It was a bit of a pain to have all that noise with the constant beeping of the machinery (they worked really late and started early), the sound checks at 23:00 and the blinding light show that was aimed at the rooms the whole night. And that was before the festival even started..... So if you are there the coming week, don't expect any sleep before at least midnight. But that's probably the intention anyway :-).

And that letter I found in my room one day from the GM asking/begging to give them a favorable vote in the Hyatt survey I found to be totally unprofessional, especially since that was the only communication received (no welcome card here).

But overall an OK property.
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