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Originally Posted by KennyBSAT
Somewhere around post 4500, I stopped remembering every single datapoint. But IIRC it was posted that someone in a similar situation did get their bonus and was told that the 3 months is actually (100?) days. Not completely positive on the exact number but it was more than 95 days. She can call and ask the exact date by which she has to meet the spending. And then tell her to never ever do that again
Just as a followup for anyone who might be in the same situation: Citi said she has two more weeks from the 90 days to meet the spending. (The CSR indicated is was additional time for mail delivery etc..) Citi also said it was the transaction date that is used, not the post date. I realize someone else will probably get a different answer from a different Citi CSR but just thought I would share the data. Cheers!
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