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Originally Posted by euslaner View Post
They had Lheaurd VSOP but I prefer Courvoisier. If that makes me less worthy in your eyes, so be it. Sorry I am ignorant in your world view. There were not 100 C seats on this plane. And it wouldn't have mattered. The seats were hard as a rock. I don't at all feel claustrophobic on the UA 777. The seats are comfortable and excellent for sleeping.

And the meal advertized was veal with asparagus, not asparagus with veal.
You are complaining that they don't have a mass produced brand that has bounced around among the global drinks producers over the last 50 years. LH has gone to the effort to bring in an artisanal single vineyard cognac.

If you didn't like the food then I am sure they could bring you something else. Unlike UA they cater an abundance of main courses.
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