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Originally Posted by stu1985
Flying BA. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots......
I note the wink at the end!

For the benefit of the OP and anyone reading this: no amount of flying will get you it.

Originally Posted by OWBA
If we have anyone with us who actually holds this tier, would you mind sharing how you got there with the rest of us?
I believe it is much more a question of who you are and what you do. So I very much doubt anyone would post openly anything more than a broad statement (if they wished to identify themselves). I believe there are (or have been) the odd Prem on FT.

I highly doubt I'll ever get there, but having the information would be interesting.
Do not view it as being the top rung on the BAEC (BA customer loyalty) ladder. View it as being something within the gift of BA itself, to very select people - who might not be that excessive travelers.

If you want one, ignore your travel - forget about it, just use BA when you can when travelling, and focus on the rest of your life (business and personal), probably get you more into the scenario where you might end up with one than worrying about travel.

But there are hardly any Premiers in numerical terms.
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