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The pricing folks at National have lost their flipping minds when it comes to advance weekend 2-day rentals (Saturday AM to Sunday evening). Some upcoming examples:

early June PHX: National ES $42/day+tax, Budget/Costco: $21.50/day+tax for premium
early August MCI: National ES $66/day+tax, Budget/Costco: $22.00/day+tax for full-size

Now, every time I've booked through Budget/Costco, eventually National gets around to coming within 10% of the price, which is worth it to me for the likely upgrade and the 1/6 free day credit. I suspect that the Tuesday AM before each trip, National will get down to the $23-$25/day+tax range once they figure out that their weekend utilization stinks.

But one of these trips where an upgrade isn't going to matter, such as PHX where Budget is already giving me a Premium, I'm likely going to tell National to stuff it and give the business to Budget instead. Even if Budget gives me one of the last Grand Marqs, at least the grandpa car has a fierce air conditioning system and I'm only going to be driving about 30 miles each day.
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