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I just did the switch from Serve to Serve with Isis today. Here are some details.

  • Bought an Optimus F6, activated a $3 pay-by-day prepaid plan on and got a secure SIM from a T-mobile store.
  • Downloaded ISIS app from play store.
  • Zeroed old account and saved all statements.

  • Logged in to and closed old account.
  • Opened the ISIS app and signed up an account*.
    Note: I was stupid enough not to use a referral link that would give $10 each to the referrer and the referee (if you need an ISIS referral, PM me).
  • Applied for a Serve card via the ISIS app. Used old information, except (i) phone number set as "home" and not "mobile"; and (ii) swapped digits in SSN by mistake. Got the "pending for review, you'll get an email" message. Same message when logging in to
  • Called Serve (number in wiki) and asked how can I help them verify my account. After verifying me**, I was told to upload verifying documents to and call back. Possibly can avoid this phone call by uploading the documents beforehand.
  • Uploaded SSN card and DL photos and called again. CSR examined these and approved my account immediately.
  • Logged in to, there's already $25 credit. Linked debit and credit card; it seems that I can load online, but I didn't try. Limits are still $200/$1000. Hope this change soon.
  • Linked Serve card to ISIS via the app*.
  • Special offer from Coca Cola: 90 MCR points. You get an email with a loyalty card number (636...) that you can link to your MCR account. These are worth 3 free drinks, but it's better to get free drinks via the Serve $1 back promotion

To Do (in 7-10 business days, after physical card arrives):
  • Need activated card to view account number for DD, bill pay, or withdraw to bank.
  • Need card number to load GDMP or to connect twitter for Amex Sync offers.
  • Swipe it at WM

Going to try paying at CVS and at a Coke vending machine now.

* This step requires you to have a working T-mobile data connection. No WiFi.
** When asked, I used the real last 4 digits of SSN.
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