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Day 3.

For the start of day 3 we went to Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque.

The white script on dark blue are verses from the holy qur'an.

Then to the western side of the square to the Ālī Qāpū Palace. Polo used to be played in the sqaure, with the king looking on from the palace. Unfortunately as it was Friday the Imam Mosque (top right) was closed for prayers.

Special acoustic design for music and singing for the King.

Next stop was the an Armenian Cathedral in the southern part of Isfahan. Beautiful paintings of the story of Christ, and quite a contrast to those in the mosques, where literal illustrations are forbidden.

We then walked around to the Vank Armenian Cathedral.

Again, very beautiful artwork and architecture.

After a busy morning sightseeing, we stopped off at an Armenian cafe for a break. Ice cream and cappuccino for less than $4.

We then went to a park where the locals were relaxing on the day off and having picnic's etc.


For lunch we grabbed some Isfahan beriyani, a bread and lamb dish. The place was very popular with a queue down the road.

After lunch we went to Chehel Sotoun Palace, built in the 14th century by Shah Abbas II.

The central mural depicts the Battle of Chaldiran, where the Persians, with only swords & arrows, were routed by the Ottomans with guns and cannons in 1514.

We then went for afternoon tea at the 300 year old Abbasi Hotel, relaxing in the shade and resting the legs.

After a bit of a break, we went for a walk around the Isfahan Grand Bazaar. A lady wearing a chador centre, and a manteau on the right.


Great place to just walk around and window shop.


A small hand-painted copper vase I bought as a souvenir.

Fesenjān & rice for dinner. A traditional persian dish made with pomegranate syrup, ground walnuts and chicken. Very tasty!

After dinner we went to the Siose Bridge again to see it all lit up.

And back to the hotel at 10:30pm after a great day in Isfahan.

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