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Day 2.

After going for a morning run in Shiraz and breakfast, I hit the road with Ali for the ~400k journey north to Isfahan.

After about 45 mins driving, we stopped at Persopolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (~500 BC).

Some ~100 year old graffiti.

Persopolis was captured, looted and partially destroyed by Alexander the Great in ~300BC,

A symbol in Zoroastrian for Nowruz (Persian New Year) eternally fighting bull (personifying the moon), and a lion (personifying the Sun) representing the Spring.

Afterwards we visited the nearby tombs of Naqsh-e-Rostam.

The triumph of Shapur I over the Roman Emperor Valerian, and Philip the Arab.

Stopping for petrol before heading north to Isfahan. Petrol was 7000 rials a litre, ($0.82 a gallon). Each car owner gets a card that allows them to purchase 200 litres a month at this price, and have to pay higher for more. The govt was raising the price however, and tomorrow it increased to 10,000 rials a litre.

We stopped off at a road side restaurant and had a tasty lunch.

Also got to try some local beer, non-alcoholic of course though.

Stopping at a rest stop on the ~400k drive north.

We got to Isfahan, a city of ~1.9 million at about 5:30pm, and went to see the Siose Bridge.

The bridge was built in 1602 with 33 spans.

It is a popular place for locals to relax...

...and hangout.

We then walked down to the Khaju Bridge.

Due to drought and water diversion, the Zayandeh River has been dry for three years.






We then headed to Naqsh-e Jahan Square. In the background is Keisaria gate which opens into the Isfahan Grand Bazaar.

Imam Mosque on the other side of the square.

Some of the locals playing a Jenga type game.

For dinner we went to the Bastani restaurant on the south side of the square. One of the waiters in traditional dress.

Chicken and rice.

After a busy day, got to the hotel just after 10pm at the end of day 2.

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