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Thanks for all of the feedback Glad to hear that people like the tool.

Originally Posted by SanDiego1K View Post
I clicked around and found how to limit it to class of service. Is there a way to limit the results to programs where I have miles/points?
Yep, working on this currently. Should have it done soon. Fortunately if you have SPG points, you'll be able to transfer to most all of the points currencies that the tool displays. I'm also working on showing the prices in terms of SPG points to factor in the 25% bonus when transferring points.

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Is it possible that the results are pulling from an older US award chart? As of a few days ago, US pushed its biz award to North Asia from 90K RT to 110 RT.
Yeah, I need to update that award chart. Unfortunately the change came out right before I launched the tool. I did update the pricing on the route that you mentioned, as I know that was quite a popular redemption. Since I currently live in Germany, I still have the benefit of 80k RT in Business

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It might be helpful to have a chart that links the mileage program and the carrier. I'm relatively immersed in these programs, but would have to go searching to figure out TopBonus or MileagePlan (for example).
Yeah, the naming can be confusing because they pretty much all sound exactly the same. I'll add a column to the "Awards" table that displays which Airline Runs which program. Good idea.

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You state that you have Avios/British Airways pricing. Could you please explain where I find that? I'm looking at LAX-TPE that requires a connection if a OneWorld member is flown. I don't see Avios pricing in the list.
The Avios pricing should be displayed in the Awards section with all of the other programs. Unfortunately it looks like I currently have a bug with Avios if you are looking for Business / First class. The price does show up as 40k for Economy (with connections through NRT, so 30k LAX-NRT + 10k NRT-TPE ), but I'll have to work on showing the business/first Avios Prices. Avios is unique in how the price awards, so I had to make them a special case in the program, which led to the bug. I'll work on a fix.

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When I look at SAN-OGG, I know from personal research that BA Avios is the cheapest redemption in coach. AS has nonstop service. This requires 12,500 Avios. However, 17,000 Avios are shown for a SAN-LAX-OGG route.
Yeah, one of the hardest parts of this program is trying to load in all of the routes from various airlines. I've found quite a few different ways to do this, but I still don't have perfect data on all routes. I think I'm pretty good with one world and star alliance carriers, but SkyTeam is a mess, and loading in the non-alliance partners like Alaska is also pretty hard.

For AS, I ended up loading in the routes from OpenFlights (Which I think might be affiliated with cockpitvisit's Airline Route Mapper tool. Unfortunately, there are a lot of incorrect / out of date / missing routes in this database, so I try to use other sources when possible.

I double checked, and now SAN-OGG displays correctly in Economy
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