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The closure risk seems to be clearly coming from the banking side 'risk prevention' depts and not the CC side. But once flagged it all falls.

What the different experiences tell me is that the 'risk prevention' group are running systematic soft pulls against an algorithm and identifying accounts for review. Low usage on Chase doesn't matter. (Mintcilantro and TheHawk's cases both back this up) It is what else they will see on your credit report:

1) Total CL to stated income.
2) # of lines extended.
3) Total credit currently used.
4) Frequency of new account creation.
5) Average lifetime of accounts.

All of which are easy to fall foul of when doing multiple AOR, or holding more cards than what is typical for most consumers (around 7, I believe). Any of these are considered irregular activity and represent risk. And they're being much stricter that ever before.

Based on learning from FT I don't bank with Chase and have no intention of starting, even with $2-400 signing bonuses on offer.

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What irks me on this whole thing is, aside for a few GC's at OM during their promotions (when I could even find any on the shelves), is I haven't even done any AOR with Chase in nearly 2 years. I've actually paid AF on the Marriott, IHG, IB/IP cards too.

And... no MO deposits to Chase accounts either. I am a heavy MSer, but, not with Chase. I've kept pretty much clean relationship with them. So, if they're ready to close down my account... for simply only using my cards in 5X categories with minimal MS in the last 8 months... then... I kind of have a feeling I'm just a number in a much larger purge going on.

I'd recommend any who have a high UR point balance and have done 'any' MS (no matter how small) to consider sending a great number of those UR points to a safer home.
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