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Unscientific polling seems to indicate that the shutdown is initiated on the banking side. I can't seem to recall a shutdown of someone who did not have Chase banking relationship (of course someone will now post an example to prove me wrong...)

Whether it's the banking activities that triggers the review in the first place is a different matter. I know in my case, I was applying the good old advice of "don't sh*t where you eat", and was not depositing any MO's and/or CA's in nearly a year to my Chase account (and not that I had done much previously), but, it was nonetheless the bank accounts that were closed down first, and as a consequence the CC's followed about a week later.

Perhaps the 'trigger' is high UR balance... then they look into how you've earned those points, and if they don't like 'how', they'll then look for an excuse to to fire you as a customer, and, perhaps the banking side provides better ammunition to their cause?

Again, other than the observation that it seems it's those with Chase bank accounts that are getting shut down, this is all very much speculation here.
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