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Okay, so here's my step-by-step write-up. Note that this is assuming Fedora 20. If you're on Windows, the process will be much easier (the drivers are built-in). If you're on Mac, it'll be much harder (you need to compile Cardpeek). If you're on a different Linux distro, it'll vary:

1. Buy a smart card reader. I got a little IOGEAR one on Amazon for under $20

2. Install drivers if they aren't in your OS (Windows has them, so do many Linux distros). For Fedora, you'll need these two RPM's that aren't in the Fedora repositories:

3. Install Cardpeek. This is included in the Fedora repositories (yet the necessary drivers aren't) so you should just be able to yum install cardpeek (I did it through the GUI). For other OSes find it here if it isn't in your repositories:

4. Start Cardpeek and select the reader you wish to use.

5. Insert card.

6. Click "Analyzer" then EMV then click yes.

7. View results. By default it will show an English interpretation of the raw data, you can click at the top to switch between English and raw data.

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