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I pay for my own travel. Here are my valuations;

Bonus Points - nice but with my credit card spend not a big deal

Lounge/Breakfast - $100 a night (traveling with a family this pays big with snacks and breakfast). Yes you can bet snacks and breakfast for less but realistically we default back to convenience which means $30 per person breakfasts on property - club keeps me out of the restaurants - Travel with the family about 10 nights a year so I will call this $1,000

Suites - $2,000 ++ - Traveling with a family of 5 this keeps me from having to get an extra room. In the case of our Maui stay it is going to save me $1500 just for that stay. Yes you could use points but I prefer to use those for rooms (10 nights a year with family @ $200 a night for second room on average)

Upgrades - I probably get $500 or so a year in upgraded rooms (next level up or suites)

Late check out - $50 that I would spend on tips for the bellman to hold bags

VIP Treatment - Hard to value but they do work hard to attend to items and getting someone on the phone fairly quickly is nice

My total value is about $3,550 per year

As mentioned previously I could save quite a bit by taking whichever Priceline deal comes up however I am tired of jumping around to save $100. I prefer a nice comfortable place that provides overall value from the relationship.
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