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Originally Posted by callmedtop
8 days have passed since my last app, so I went for it today. Have had 5 pulls in the past 6 months (excluding this one) on Experian, which is who Citi pulls from for me.

Got to step 5 but looks like I need to call in - same as the first application. Though, step 5 does say "Thank you for choosing Citi and welcome to your new Citi Executive® / AAdvantage® World EliteTM MasterCard®!"

I will call in in a few minutes on the way to work. Fingers crossed...
Approved! This is another data point for churning this card, and makes an even stronger case of its churnability...I think I'm the first to churn the 100k offer specifically.

Profile: 23 years old, 730 Experian score, 20ish accounts open, including 4 AA Platinum cards and 1 Executive card. 5 hard pulls on Experian in past 6 months (though, 2 more if you include 6 months and 1 day). ~8 new cards in past 6 months.

The agent took 30 minutes from start to finish, and asked me why I'm applying for the same card. I had added an authorized user on the application, so I said it was to separate spend. I also has to move some of my credit line from an old account, but they did increase my total exposure by $5000 or so.

Awesome! 200k AA miles in a week!

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