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Originally Posted by evanaggie View Post
Thanks! I'll scratch the 800am flight off my list. That leaves an 830am which would be 1hr 55min connection. It is confusing that they say Qantas arrivals T4. I wish it'd be more clear.

The luggage comes out after going through passport control/GE kiosk but before you go through customs. You collect it, go through customs (where you may or may not be selected for additional inspection) and then drop it back off with your continuing carrier. All major carriers (AA included) have a desk where you can drop bags at TBIT.

1:55 is still too tight if you're checking bags. It's not uncommon to have to wait for 30 minutes or more for bags to start arriving. For the 1:55 to work, all of the conditions from my previous post still apply. LAX is pretty good about bags marked priority, but that doesn't always work.

Also, Global Entry requires an interview before it becomes active. You'll have to schedule and go to the interview prior to your trip to Oz. You can only interview at major airports (at least, last time I checked...), and the waiting list could be quite long.

Good luck!

-- Dan

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