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Thank you very much for the quick and detailed reply.

The flight is 7 weeks away. I will apply for GE asap.

I checked the Qantas website and they still show terminal 4.

I wasn't able to book @ the time this flight regardless because my business class ticket on QF was booked with the business-saver fare, and at the time (and still today), they did not have economy-saver available. However, I checked the flight(s) and they are almost completely empty on the 752 and 763 flying at 8am/830am. I'll set an alert to tell me if T-class ticket opens.

As an experiment, I checked AA's website and did the connection through LAX to Austin and they don't even list the 830am flights either. They only show ~1030am flights. However, I agree, 830 would be more comfortable.

Also, this is will be my first time going through customs. If Qantas is right regarding T4 arrivals, where does the luggage arrive? At the terminal w/ customs? I am told by friends that travel often from Korea/India/China that I can tell them to forward my luggage in most cases to whatever flight. I don't know if that has to be taken care of in advance from Qantas or if I can do it after I deboard and inform them that I'm connecting to an AA flight.

Thanks again!
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