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Originally Posted by Snowdevil View Post
It's to safeguard against credit card fraud. AS has experienced considerable fraud where people open a Mileage Plan account, then immediately use a fraudulent credit card with Points.com to buy miles and stock the account for quick ticket purchases on Partner airlines, usually 100,000 miles or more.

The fraudster usually has ads on Craigslist or other online services offering to sell international tickets on the cheap. They get the name of the buyer - who pays them cash - then convert the miles into an international Partner award on a carrier like BA for that person which gets ticketed for travel within the next day or so.

It's like an attempt at "mileage laundering." Side note - they're almost always traveling to Lagos, Nigeria (LOS).

Anyway, by the time the actual cardholder realizes fraud has occurred and reports it, the transaction gets flagged at the point of sale - Points.com - and they try to rescind the miles. By that time it's too late; the miles have been redeemed, turned into a ticket, and the ticket buyer has already flown.

While the credit card companies almost always make their cardholders whole in the event of fraud, AS is still on the hook to BA (or whatever partner carrier the miles were used on) for the cost of the transportation they provided in good faith.
The miles were purchased 3 mths ago so i didn't use them immediately and after 2 mths you cannot dispute a credit card.
then I moved my own pts from spg,
and as we know spg will not put pts into an account that is not the account holder.
I offered them the credit card statement with my address on it and the passport what more can they want from the purchaser of the pts?
and the ticket I was purchasing was for late october 2014
so the whole senario is not what you have pictured.
All reasons I am so shocked that this has happened,
causing me untold grief as all my travelling companions have booked their first class flts
and i have nothing as it was only one F seat and by the time I called them today and realised they and not secured the seat it had gone.

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