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I don't know what club 49 is.
I didn't buy a ton I bought 40k with my own cc and ended up with 56k 2 mths ago and sent 1 lot of spg .
not really any reason to flag an account.
I offered bank statement and pp in my name
nup wouldn't accept that got to a supervisor who said nup.
I am at present writing a consumer complaint to the washington state AG.
may as well give them some grief.
its going to cost me plus i lost the first class ticket syd lax ny.
they had every right to query,if all didn't look right
but what was wrong about my account
they were not right to not hold the flights when the miles were clearly there
whilst they made enquiries the flight should have been kept on hold.
as far as I am concerned they have not kept to the contract.

if they want proof of address they should ask for that when joining someone not 3 mths later when they have miles in the account.

here is my 2 yrs of activity

Available Miles: 81,000
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Activity Date Activity Type Status Miles Bonus Total
25,000 0 25,000
09/12/2013 POINTS.COM
56,000 0 56,000
Note: Depending on the partnership, activity will appear on your account 30-60 days after you have earned miles. If you do not see activity after 60 days, contact Mileage Plan.

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