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FA threatened to kick me off because I had my Kindle on while still at the gate

I'm confused. I thought electronic gadgets are now permitted from gate to gate, as long as I put it in airplane mode.

My flight was still sitting at the gate(door closed) when the FA walked by and saw me reading on my Kindle. She startled me by yelling "you need to turn that off or I will have the airport police escort you off MY plane!"(imagine a mad Mike Tyson's yelling in a woman's voice)

Being the obedient gutless chicken, I complied. I turned it off(which is technically not possible because I have the special edition Kindle reader). She demanded that I hand it over to her to verify that it was off. She threw it back to me and missed. Fortunately, my seatmate caught it just before it landed on the floor.

Hasn't the ruled changed? Or does it not apply to US Airways?
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