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Originally Posted by tcl View Post
Does anyone travel with a mini set of spices and/or cooking utensils for extended stays or trips where there might be a good opportunity to cook? What do you bring and how do you store and transport them?

My current travel spice kit contains an assortment of spices and homemade mixes (Moroccan spice mix, Chinese five spice powder, curry powder) that are put in tiny pill-ziplocks and then stashed in medium-sized tea tin to prevent them from stinking up my clothes and from accidentally spilling and staining my clothes all shades of neon.

As for travel cooking utensils, I bring a small Epicurean bar-sized cutting board, a 5" Wusthof Chef's knife with a blade saver, a serrated tomato/mini bread knife with blade saver, mini microplane and a harp peeler. I also have a pair of bamboo cooking chopsticks, and a small square bamboo spatula. This is all stored in a zippered plastic envelope.

For a completely cooking-centric stay at a place that may have a questionable kitchen (for example, a certain relative's vacation condo that is frequently rented out), I bring an All-Clad cassoulet pan and my flat whisk as well.

My current dilemma is that my spices tend to transfer flavours to each other even through the mini ziplocks so my tarragon tends to taste like cumin and 5-spice after a few days I'm trying to stay as lightweight and compact as possible so am avoiding the 4oz capacity stainless watch tins and 4oz capacity mason jars.
I don't generally travel with spices, but I did keep a secondary stash at my boyfriend's (now husband) place (on the other side of the country), since he didn't have anything in his kitchen more complicated than garlic salt.

There are plenty of jars available smaller than 4 oz.

I packed them in 1 ounce condiment jars (think of the little jars of honey that you see on nicer breakfast buffets). 12 of those jars fit nicely into a plastic container I had and made for easy transport across country. I think I bought a whole bag of those little jars at Goodwill for a dollar.

Or you could try this Or you could try this

Amazon has a decent selection of 1 oz spice jars. Or if there is a Penzey's Spice near you, I've purchased their little jars (I think they are 1 or 1.5 oz). They don't sell the small ones on the website.
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