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Well goalie like you said, if people do not vote they cant really complain. I mean, yeah they can (I have in the past lol) but their words would have been better heard and considered had they cast a vote when needed.

Also we cannot hold peoples' hands all the time. Why, just an hour ago I erased something detailed that I posted in a MS thread because three people PMd me and one emailed me saying that what I shared was good stuff but people should really think for themselves and work through issues on their own and in groups first and usually they will arrive at the right conclusion. I mean to say, that while one can share good things, people still need to do their work too. My post, some argued, had too many overly-user friendly arrows and circles in it and many had to work hard to learn that content but now it was being shared with people who have yet to show the interest in giving back to the community at all. I mean we do not know if they would, but it can generally assessed that a majority of people do not care to.

this is to say that many like me think so many nowadays are kind of lazy --ie not voting or caring and just wanting things to work the way THEY want it but not willing to do more--and this has to change. I think one of the ways to make that change is to make people aware of what TB could be and what it could do for them if they participate in things more often.
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