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Originally Posted by Shinikenshi View Post
I assume nothing has changed and that AA Codeshares booked in N class won't allow seat selection?

I do find it vaguely funny that AA claims they can't choose seats because it's on a JAL flight and on the JAL website it says clearly that they can't allow for the choosing of seats because the flight was booked as a codeshare through a partner airline. Truthfully, I'd almost pay money for just some peace of mind.

Thankfully (maybe), I am flying out to Tokyo on the 24th of December from LAX and can only hope that with the low odds of people flying on the 24th and 25th, maybe the plane won't be too full regardless...
That is correct. I had a HND-SFO flight and after reading through some previous posts about N fares on AA codeshare, I called both JAL and AA to confirm. I did have to talk to multiple people from both airlines before finally someone from AA gave me the definitive answer that you can't select seats with N ticket. First several calls it was AA saying I need to call JAL to assign me a seat so I can check in, then JAL saying only AA can assign me a seat since it's their ticket, then another AA rep saying she doesn't know why she can't pull up the seating chart.

Quite hilarious how misinformed even the reps are. Luckily during check-in at the airport they had plenty of aisle seats left.
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