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Originally Posted by cubachao View Post
i just thinking to apply the credit card before the airline completely gone. got the card and use the card for trips then cancel it before the annul fee. i can fly out of Dayton to west coast. any thoughts???
I am keeping mine and trying to use the business upgrades before they run out at the end of the year...call the night before to see if you can use them (blah) credit card must still be open and in good standing (the only reason to keep it) I'm unsure if there is a annual bonus....my wife just got it last month for the same set of upgrades and 32 points.

We need AirTran to get international since we live in DFW under the Wright agreement SW cant fly internationally out of DAL and it wont change until 10/13/2014....nonstop luv?! I think not, expecially since DAL doesn't even show up on Airtrans where we fly map...they have little to no connecting flights to get to airtrans international gateways in the same day...I bet they wont combine FF programs till after the 2014 date....and they are cancelling more cities like Pensacola and others. Very bad planning on this merging...they really don't care as long as both airlines are making money
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