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I only have an iPhone and iPad so I'm not sure how I can post photos of the resort right now. It is really amazing. If you walked in and didn't know it just opened you would not be able to tell it just opened. I don't think Hyatt rushed the opening at all. I think they wisely pushed the opening back so that they did not open before the resort was 100% complete.

So we ate at Ka'ana Kitchen last night for dinner. While the food quality was high and tasted great, the portions were minuscule and still expensive. We literally spent $100 on dinner and were still hungry so we went to the 24-hour cafe in the resort and bought a panini (which by the way was really good). I would not recommend dinner at Ka'ana Kitchen.

Now for Diamonds they give free buffet breakfast since there is no lounge. Breakfast is served at Ka'ana Kitchen. We were told Diamonda get the "Kitchen Sink" buffet which basically includes everything. I can't say enough good things about the breakfast. We were amazed that each item we are tasted better than the last. They really, really do a superior job at breakfast. And being a buffet you can each as much or as little as you want. If you're not Diamond you may only eat this buffet once because as good as it was, it is $45 per person! They have varying levels of the buffet and a la carte menu items as well. They call breakfast an "experience" and it truly is. Everyone should try Ka'ana at least once for breakfast - not dinner! I actually feel like the restaurant owes me some money back from dinner but with a free breakfast everyday I'm content. The hotel staff did ask me my candid opinion of the dinner and I told him I had to eat a sandwich afterwards. I was told some staff did the same thing after their restaurant tasting event.

We are supposed to get a tour of the villas soon so I will pass that info along as well.

The good from Bumbeye poolside bar is outstanding as well. I highly recommend the lobster grilled cheese sandwich and macaroni salad.
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