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Originally Posted by tcook052 View Post
While I can see the benefit of obviating all the "+1" posts or those that merely say "I agree" and understand the intent is to recognize helpful contributions the "like" icon to me is just another reputation tool that can rewards familiarity & frequency as much as quality.

A member who posts occasionally in a few forums offering insightful contributions or sharing a great fare find won't become as well known as those who post more often but perhaps on a broader range of topics over multiple fora and so their reputation won't build to the same level but that doesn't mean they are any less valuable a contributor but rather just participate differently.

I'm okay with us not having this type of tool in out FT toolbox, though that's merely MHO.
I'm a bit confused by this post in that having like button and displaying a (truncated) like list is very different from having a website calculate some reputation metric and display that rating. While likes are likely to be part of a reputation score, the two concepts are logically different in that each post could report likes without FT going beyond this to compute and reveal reputations. I thought the OP and others in this thread were talking about just having the possibility of a (truncated) list of likers at the bottom of each post.
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