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Originally Posted by wharvey View Post
I would actually find this very distracting and busy.... I honestly want to read the posts for content.... not who else liked it. And it will take up valuable screen space!
Originally Posted by SkiAdcock View Post
Speaking as a regular FTer & not as TB member, I agree (especially if someone posts something that everyone likes - the list of those liking could be longer than the post ).
So this is how a post actually looks.

As you can see, the "like" list is truncated. Clicking on the "7 others" link will expand the list to show all of the usernames. Until you click it, though, the list remains short.

Personally, I like the functionality and have seen on other boards that it does seem to cut down on the posts that just say "+1" to something that someone said earlier. I also don't feel that it makes the screen look cluttered, but that's obviously IMHO.

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