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Originally Posted by mnredfox View Post
Not really, other than lady was in my bulkhead seat with her shoes off, reclined, and sipping my water. Just annoyed me. I wish folks would ask first and not be presumptive, cause as I stated then you really have no intention of asking.

These are the same folks that if you say no they act like you're the bad guy as they pout back to their seat.
I fly paid First. I prefer, depending on the aircraft, either row 1 or row 2. If people ask I will try to be nice and switch. However I get annoyed when they have already settled in. "Oh, you wouldn't mind switchin' would you?"

Two weeks ago I had a woman do this. When I boarded she was sitting in my seat, 2B. Never knowing what kind of nut I'm going to run into I asked the FA to check on it and said I wouldn't mind moving if it was to another aisle seat. I overheard the conversation as I stood in the galley and the woman was like, "Oh we're flying together" (implying with the guy next to her), "I'm sure the other passenger wouldn't mind changing", "I'm already settled here and don't want to hold up the boarding process moving my things." Bonus points to the FA who smiled and asked her for her boarding pass when the woman responded that her seat was "oh over there." Of course the boarding pass was tucked away in her stowed carryon. This raised even more suspicion so the FA said that she really needed to see the boarding pass. The woman gets up, pulls her carryon out, opens an exterior pocket, pulls out a bunch of magazines and locates her boarding pass. Seat 7D. The FA nicely told her that she would have to sit in her assigned seat. After she settled in in her assigned seat I went to mine. The guy next to me in 2A said, "Can you believe her? She told the FA we were traveling together. I have no idea who she is!"

And a little more context... she was a high heel wearin', skinny jean struttin, overly tanned bleach blonde in her 50s... probably cigarette smokin' and Bud drinkin' too.
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