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Hey, guys I already have 3 apps planned for Citi, Chase and AMEX, and I'm looking for a decent 4th app from another credit card. By decent, there needs to be at least 40k pts / 40k miles / $400.

I'm thinking of BoA, as I don't have any BoA cards, except for the Virgin Atlantic AMEX which I closed a few months back. I couldn't find any cards from BoA that has a high enough signup bonus. I was going to do the Hawaiian Airlines card 35k miles = 70k Hilton points, but that has disappeared too...

Did I miss any BoA cards out this round? Damn signup bonuses are getting worse every year!!!

EDIT: I'm also open to any cards with high signup bonus, but they can't be from Citi/Chase/AMEX (since I already am applying one card each) and Barclays/USBank (stingy issuers and I don't want to waste a hard pull).

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