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Originally Posted by lin821 View Post
Agree 10000000000%!

Unfortunately that's the current de facto state of MilesBuzz! Forum today, which is very disappointing and frustrating for those of us who visit for milesbuzzing purpose. We have a significant number of people that lay out their requests and take over MilesBuzz! Forum and MilesBuzz! isn't milesbuzzing no more!

Chase UR Forum was created for a reason: traffic & demand. IMHO, same thing has been happening to award redemption/planning that floods MilesBuzz! Forum, due to the "ripple effect" from years of cc churning and/or signup bonuses. Folks got help and earned tons of miles/points, but they don't know what or how to use them now.

Maybe it's time to think about a dedicated forum for this line of member requests. When folks need assistance to use their points/miles, either as a novice or savvy FTer, I would think a separate forum for the purpose of award planning or redemption should be more helpful and useful. I don't think a thread-oriented approach will adequately address this specific type of need.

With a dedicated forum, folks who need help would know where exactly to ask for assistance. For those who are willing to help out, they would certainly frequent such forum. When a request turned out to be a simple FFP redemption, MOD could easily relocate such thread to the airline forum, thus no worries for cross-posting. Everybody would be happier!

So what about a new Award Planning Forum?

My idea for an Award Planning Forum is different from a Q&A Forum. A general Q&A Forum is certainly not milesbuzzing but would do good for those who:

1. are clueless newbies;
2. want to travel (for free) but don't have miles/points at bay;
3. need basic FT education;
4. don't know how and/or where to start their research for FFPs;
5. don't know where to ask their questions or which forum their questions belong;
6. have questions that involve multi-FFP or alliance;
7. have many more general Qs.

I do think separating award planning from general Qs will be a more clean-cut restructuring for FT. Award Planning Forum would still belong to Miles&Points Section but a general catchall Q&A Forum shall be less fitting.
^ Makes sense to me.

As others have suggested, add an "Read This First" explanatory note at the top of the forum, explaining that it not for questions about specific hotel or airline awards, or about the use of specific cc point. (Or, if it might save the Mods some hassles of moving many newbie/lazy hotel/airline-specific questions to other forums, more explicitly say "Read This First to Get Your Questions Addressed").

And perhaps tweak the suggested title a bit if a title like "General Award Advice Forum" might convey that the new forum is not for airline/hotel-specific questions and that it includes award advice (such as re points/miles accrual) that might extend beyond planning specific trips.

But these are just details that I'm sure the Mods' collective wisdom can sort out.
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