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2D on GSO -ATL yesterday fit the DYKWIA description .... Ss he boarded, he placed his PDB order at the door wih the FA (who was exceptional BTW) . Upon arriving at his seat, he began ranting about the fact that the FA had left Biscoff and water at the seat... "is this all we get on this fligh???" He questioned of 2C... 2C played it cool saying that he does not expect this to be a restaurant.....

Fast forward, it turns out that 2C is a leisure traveler who redeemed points. 2D proclaims loudly that he is a DM and flies F all the time... These two proceed to hold a whose flagpole is bigger contest throughout the flight. It wss rather pathetic, but entertaining nonetheless.

As the plane lands a few minutes late, DYKWIAM in 2D is one of the first to release his seatbelt prior to arriving at the gate. It was obvious, as he was not quiet about it. He proceeds to call what I presume to be the DM line, rudely demanding that the gate hold his next flight. (PHL I believe). He nearly runs over people on his way out.

It is sad how some DM'S act...

Side note. I was on paid F, partner was in EC on award. He said the FA came back from F and thanked each medallion personally and offered them snacks from the basket and beverage. He noted there were at least 3 DMs in Y.

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