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Originally Posted by GatorAir View Post
What is the FT community's thoughts on the guy who wears the bro tank in Y. You typically see them most frequently on domestic routes in the southwest US or Caribbean (though I think it has some roots across young people in Europe). Bro boards the plane wearing a sleeveless tank, usually some neon, purple or pink color, and may also sport a "snapback" baseball cap. Sometimes the tank contains some sort of explitive, but that is a story for another thread. Alongside the initially prevalent lack of courtesy by forcing seatmates to have to rub up against their bare (and usually sweaty or greasy) "broceps", these special individuals also lack decent airport etiquette in just about every other facet- from getting dressed in the security line to standing in front of the gate with a zone 4 BP while zone 1 is currently boarding.

Am I old fashioned, or is anyone else repulsed when you have to soak up the sweat seeping from these bros' sleeveless arms, all because they have to make sure everyone on the plane knows how much lifting and tanning they do?
Gentlemen, please. At the very least, wear a t-shirt. Hairy armpits, sometimes damp looking or outright wet or saturated is something no one wants to see. Pit hair is not a good look on anyone. Cetainly not something I want to see outside the beach or gym (and really, not even there once the sweating starts). We know you have it but keep it covered on a plane or in other public areas.
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