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Originally Posted by Andy49 View Post
At what point do they start counting down to life time plat? Mine reads;

Membership level

Platinum . Since 08-10-2011

You are Platinum since 2 years

That is precisely the question...

Gajan's text above states "since 01-01-2004", which is strange for 2 reasons:

a) in Flying Blue, it would be very very very impressive to qualify for Platinum status on the very first day of the year!
b) Flying Blue did not yet exist on 1 January 2004 (I presume, though, that Frequence Plus/Flying Dutchman equivalent status before FB came into being in June 2005 is taken into consideration!).

But at least it would suggest that those who had the equivalent Platinum status before FB came into existence are counted as full calendar years only.

I've always assumed - pessimistically - that given that the "first year" of Platinum membership is 1 year plus (i.e. when you qualified on 08-10-2011, you had Platinum for the remaining two months of 2011, but your "year" really was 2012), they ignore the "plus" and instead count your "years" (i.e only full calendar years), and that they require a further 10 full calendar years after initial qualification, counting from the 1 January after you qualified. So, it's not enough that you are platinum at the 10-year anniversary - 08-10-2021 - but that you MUST be platinum on 01-01-2022 [which inevitably means having earned 11 years]. But I really don't know if it's OK to just be platinum on 01-01-2021!

This is one of the reasons why having an official FB representative that posted here would be of great benefit.

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