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Originally Posted by Gajan View Post
Based on my calculations you need to qualify in 2013 and 2014.

I am PE from 1/1/2004 (my account is currently showing "you need 0 more years to qualify for LTPE") and it has been confirmed by the FB helpdesk that I need to qualify this year for PE too to qualify for LTPE.

Your calculations are correct. Take the year in which you qualified plat for the first time, add 9 to it, and you'll have the last year in which you must re-qualify. It's no rocket science. The year you qualiy plat for the first time counts as 1, not as 0. The number you see in the FB account is a glitch. I missing something? Because, how did you qualify for platinum on the first day of the year after all the annual counters had just been set to 0, or did you qualify on 31/12?

What the counter shows on the website seems to be a quite basic mathematical error. By the way. If you have enough carry over miles to re-quilify, you still need to wait untill the actual 10 years have passed.

Originally Posted by irishguy28 View Post
It would seem that the "soft landing" rule [not enough miles for Platinum, but there were level miles accured during the year - therefore downgrade to Gold] has a higher priority than, or is invoked before, the "upgrade to Platinum for Life" check.

Which would mean that the "10 years" means you must complete 10 full calendar years AND also maintain your status into an 11th year (which is the one that gets you a 12th, 13th, 14th.... etc year for "free").

If it were me, I would just requalify again to not take any chances.
EDIT: Hm...if that's the case you need to add 10 to the first year of qualification...Now I'm you actually need to re-qualify 10 times for plat for life?

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