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Originally Posted by Apieinthesky View Post
Assuming you are traveling and on the same PNR, yes, your whole family will get the free checked bag benefit. All the benefits of the card are tied in with your FF number, so as long as that's on the reservation, you're good to go.

Since you haven't flown AA in a while, I'd get my boarding passes before I leave for the airport just to make sure the Group 1 boarding is on it. (Note that Group 1 boarding is not the same as PriorityAAccess)
Thank you, Apieinthesky! I appreciate your help!

So, I shouldn't be concerned now, that my reservation includes the baggage fee? Just check the boarding passes when I print them (24 hours beforehand) and then call if the group 1 boarding isn't on there, as that would be a sign that the free bag isn't on there either.
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