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Well, the mysterious 3x MR bonuses for my Amex PRG are still here. I just looked at my most recent (February) statement, and received bonuses for the following merchants:

Water & Power Cashier
Amazon.com (Marketplace 3rd party only)

The results seem consistent with previous ones. Note that "Water and Power Cashier" is a local utility, but online credit card payments process as an Internet Purchase.

Furthermore, the March statement pending points are listed, and if I apply the following bonuses to my statement:

Gas x2
Groceries x2
Internet Purchase x3
Vehicle Rental x3 (perhaps all of Travel?)

I get within 10 points of the pending points, the rest being accountable for by considering that for 3x bonuses, you only receive the extra points on the purchase, not on any sales tax. (Note that I pay my utility bill bi-monthly, and so that does not contribute this month). The results seem very consistent from statement to statement.

Does anyone have any non-flight, non-vehicle rental purchases under the Travel category they can check?

My theory remains unaffected: American Express are experimenting with giving 3x category bonuses in order to make up for the withdrawal of the mall. If so, and if Internet Purchases and Travel (or at least Vehicle Rental) remain stable 3x categories, this will make the Amex PRG very competitive with Chase Ultimate Rewards once more.



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