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Originally Posted by mrredskin View Post
never understood why we have to use the POS or COS lingo. if you're fat, you're fat. every term these days is emotionally damaging or too hurtful, it seems.
Haha. I think it was a freefall when dodgeball was removed from gym class. Parents were afraid their skittle chomping, mountain dew slurping child might get hurt. From this, participation trophies started appearing. You got a freaking trophy for just showing up. Then a few years later, a school district in California decided to "outlaw" red pens for fear that the student might have the answer wrong. Somewhere along the way, excuses started to outnumber .......s and now it's anyone's fault but their own and if you don't apologize for calling that person out on it, it becomes a PC term and another law is passed because someone's feelings were hurt.

But yeah, I like having a middle seat free.
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